Together We Stand

Whether you are looking for a church or just want a place to investigate God, we welcome you! Eastchester Church, where I pastor, is not a place. It is a people. A people called to worship the living God and sent to give witness to the good news that God accepts us as we are, not as we should be.

Our vision is to be an authentic community manifesting the presence and love of Jesus Christ through personal transformation, social justice, and cultural renewal.

Believe in Each Other

Sounds like a no brainer!  We are a community supporting one another in our journey of faith.  No one of us has all the answers.  A closer look at the disciples, the first followers of Jesus, shows a group of men challenged with areas in need of growth.  Jesus never rejects any one of them.  Jesus believed in them.  We are asked to believe in one another.

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Give To Us

Yes!  Donate!  But not money!  The church has become so comfortable simply writing a check.  Donate your time, your energy, your talent, your prayers and your gifts.  Donate your presence!  Bring what you have and as Jesus took 5 barley loaves and 2 fish and fed thousands here in this ministry He will likewise multiply whatever you give! Yes, financial resources are necessary but we all have so much more to give!


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