The challenge facing all of us raising children is where is the best program for my son or daughter.  We want a well rounded curriculum, some challenges along the way to promote growth, a good ratio of play and creative activities but most of all a knowledgeable and caring, compassionate staff!
These are important developmental years for your child and we here at Lincoln Academy are keenly away how far kindness, generosity and love can make a difference in their lives.  For over a decade we have been providing exceptional education and care for hundreds of children.  We are proud of the working relationships we have with families and that our major form of advertising are their recommendations and referrals.

Lincoln Academy is an outreach ministry of Eastchester Church, a Presbyterian Christian community founded here in the town of Eastchester over 80 years ago.  It was the desire of the pastor and chairman of Lincoln Academy, Rev. Eric J. Hall, and the leaders and people of Eastchester Church that we provide a superior educational experience for the community at a reasonable cost.